My massage pads are not adhering to my skin anymore?

Make sure you skin is clean before using the pads. Rub a little water on each of the pads with your fingers after use before you apply them to your plastic pad holder. Always place the Palm or Rectangle pads on the pad holder, on the plastic they came on or the side of a clean plastic container when not in use. Keep the surface of the pads away from dirt. Your pads will need to be replaced once they no longer stick to your skin.

How do I know where I can apply the pads?

You can apply the pads anywhere on the body except:-

  • on any one who has an artificial cardiac pacemaker (or other indwelling stimulator, implantable cardioverter-defibrillators) or metal valve in their heart
  • on the heart
  • on your head or neck or directly on a bone
  • on the uterus
  • over a known malignant tumour
  • across your eyes
  • on an open wound
  • directly over the spinal column (it should be placed either side of the spine)
  • internally
  • areas of infection
  • areas of numb skin/decreased sensation as it is less effective due to nerve damage

I have turned the Pain Management TENS Machine on and there is no feeling?

Check the following:-

  • both the pads are attached to your body
  • the lead is plugged into your massager correctly and the pads are attached to the lead
  • you may have accidentally pressed the pause button in the middle of the controller (it will flash "mode" )
  • is the controller on or has it switched off because the battery needs to be charged

Why does the Pain Management TENS Machine sometimes give me a shock sensation?

Ensure that the pads are attached to your skin before you switch the controller on. If one of the pads has come loose from the electrical wire you need to switch the machine off before you re-attach the lead or you will get a small shock as it makes contact.

Should I ask my doctor before I use the Pain Management TENS Machine?

If you have a Pacemaker or defribulator fitted, epilepsy or a malignant tumour or if you have a metal valve fitted in your heart. If you have any disease or condition you are not sure about, please consult your doctor first.

How often and how long can I use the SUMNAS TENS Machine?

You can use it as often and as long as you like. You can increase the timer from 20 - 60 minutes at a time. Do not leave the pads on you all day as you may build up an allergy to the gel. It is portable and easily fits conveniently into your pocket.

Why do I have two leads?

You are able to use both leads at once. The pads need to be in the same kind of area and both be using the same intensity. If they are not using the same intensity then one will feel like it is not working.

Why do I get a stinging feeling from the pads?

You have set your controller too high. Reduce the sensation by pushing the - (minus) button or change to a different mode.